Z steel soldiers deutsch

    Apr 26, 2015 · Z: Steel Soldiers finds Commander Zod demoted following a court martial ruling. Given the game’s unmet potential, we’d probably have to strip the Captain of a silver bar based on his inability to lead without mistake. Let’s hope Kavcom Limited gets it sorted out, because Steel Soldiers’ mechanics remains enjoyable.76%. DOS Version - Level 01 - Virgin Soldiers - Video Guide; DOS Version - Level 02 - Psychos - Video Guide; DOS Version - Level 03 - Death Valley - Video Guide. Z: STEEL SOLDIERS WALKTHROUGH by Briareos Kerensky ([email protected]), ver 3.X, 11/08/2002 Table of Contents 1-Update History 2-History Briefing 3-Game Introduction 4-Units Briefing 5-Buildings Briefing 6-General Tactics 7-Multiplayer Tactics 8-Walkthrough 9-Cheats 10-Does Briareos know.

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