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    Dayman maak tamer hosny music

    Lyrics for Dayman Maak by Tamer Hosny. دايما معاك لو فى الخيال حبيبى واقرب حد مهما الوقت طال وكأنى حاسس من زمان فى يوم هنبقى لبعض. Artist: Tamer Hosny (تامر حسني) Song: دايما معاك (Dayman maak) 5 translations Translations: English, Indonesian, Spanish, Transliteration, Uzbek. Tamer Hosny listen to music streams download mp3 songs check out photos watch videos discover similar artists and find news. Dayman Maak. Dy Basita. Ehna Geel Gedid. Eid Wahdh. Ekhteraa. El Haya. Ela Ana. Tamer Hosny Rated 7 From 5 stars.

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