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    Smart notebook software 9.7 games

    If the software subscription or license is still active, you can contact SMART technical support for more assistance. Support ˃ Software ˃ SMART Notebook ˃ Support ˃ SMART Notebook Guides and quick references. Installation guide for Windows – ; Installation guide for Mac – ; System administrator guide for Windows – Page 5: Smart Board Software Administration SMART Board Software Administration Overview If you're a system administrator, use this guide to deploy SMART Board™ software in a workgroup, computer lab or full institution environment. Nov 22,  · Hey guys, this is what we came up with after working with the Smart Tech support guys. This applies to only. First the MSI silent install fo teh Smartboard software: msiexec /i"\\Server\install\SMART Board roaden.icu" SKIP_PRINTCAP=1 DISABLE_LOGGING=1 /q DL and copy the Gallery to the local C drive.

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