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    The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World di Amit Goswami e una grande selezione di libri, arte e articoli da collezione disponibile su AbeBooks.it. Goswami (Physics/University of Oregon; coauthor, The Cosmic Dancers, 1983) uses quantum physics to promote monistic idealism- -the theory that both matter and mind have their origin in consciousness. The villain here is materialism—the teaching that everything is comprised of atoms—and its tag-along doctrines of locality (that interactions between objects occur in local space-time. Awareness of the quantum self also brings about collapse. In Goswami's conceptualization, "the brain-mind is a dual quantum system/ measuring apparatus," through which the universe becomes self-aware. The universe cuts itself in two - subject/object - terminating the von Neumann chain.Missing: e-books.

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