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    Camera roll iphone 4s

    As an iPhone user, you may be often confused to use My Photo Stream, iCloud Photo Library and Camera Roll on your iPhone. Like this, sometimes, when you deleted a photo from Photo Stream, but photo on both Camera Roll and Photo Stream are gone. Or like this, when you share photos by Photo Stream, but other devices cannot get the sharing. Apple iPhone 5 32GB - $400, Apple iPhone 5 16GB - $350 Apple iPhone 4s 32GB - $235, Apple iPhone 4s 16GB - $200 Blackberry z10 - $300usd, Blackberry Q10 - $400 Samsung Galaxy S4 - $400, Samsung Galaxy S3 - $280, Samsung Galaxy Note II - $300 Sony PlayStation 3 - 250 GB - $200usd CANON DIGITAL CAMERA AND NIKON DIGITAL CAMERA FOR MORE DETAILS. Go to the "Album" column and then open the "Camera Roll" folder. To delete one photo from Camera Roll on iPad, just open it and then click the trash button. To delete multiple or all photos from Camera Roll on iPad, in the "Camera Roll" folder, click the "Select" button and then select the .

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