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    Low performance hit enb skyrim

    Apr 16, 2017 · Realike ENB. No fps drop at all and it looks amazing, although i did edit the bloom cuz i love sunny skyrim cuz i use tropical skyrim. I also use fantasy fxaa with it so its super colorful too. Like i said too no fps drop, well for me anyways. EDIT: I should also note it uses a very old version of enb BUT i havent had any issues with it. I'm relatively new to PC gaming, and new to modding in general. My Skyrim runs mostly on 60fps but the moment I turn on a low weight ENB (Re-engaged Skyrims performance preset) or a reshade preset my fps drops from steady 60 in vanilla to low-mid 50s inside Whiterun alone, and down to 43-53 in the main world.I feel like it isn't supposed to be this bad, especially on reshade. The best visual improvements for low performance systems are HD texture packs really, you can only do as much as your system can handle.

    Low performance hit enb skyrim

    low performance hit enb skyrim


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