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    Bonjour service windows 10

    Feb 05, 2018 · Hence, a safe method described here to uninstall and remove the Bonjour service and files – mDNSResponder.exe and mdnsNSP.dll. Press Win + R keyboard keys in combination, to bring up the ‘Run’ dialog box. Next, type the following command . Bonjour for Windows Bundling Agreement. With Bonjour for Windows, you can enable Windows applications to discover Bonjour-enabled services on the network, such as web servers and network printers. To do this, you need to: Download and install the Bonjour SDK for Windows. Use this to add Bonjour functionality to your Windows application. Dec 27, 2017 · Try doing the offered: Push Control + ALT + Delete buttons at the same time. Choose Task Manager from the pop-up window. Pick the tab titled “Services” at the bottom of the tab. It is a link to launch the Services control panel as well.

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