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    Goodbye kristinia debarge soundcloud music

    GOODBYE is Kristinia DeBarge's debut single off her first album. DeBarge is no stranger to the music industry; not only is her dad a founding member of the original family group, but the younger DeBarge has years of recording studio experience, appearing on the American Idol spin-off, American Juniors and reaching the semifinals. Kristinia DeBarge is the daughter of James DeBarge from the R&B family group DeBarge. (Check out "Rhythm of the Night" and "Who's Holding Donna Now"). Prior to hooking up with Kristinia's mother, her father was briefly married to Janet Jackson between 1984-85. Oct 23, 2020 · Kristinia: You know, I have been really struggling. I just found out one of my closest friends is pregnant. She just found out literally a week ago. I am super happy for her, but it is a little bittersweet I can admit. Heather: Yes, of course. Kristinia: Part of me is like “well, I want to be pregnant!” You know, so, my mom had me at 17.

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