• Ces 2021

    French montana intro 4d

    [Intro] You ever want something That you know you shouldn't have But the more you know you shouldn't have it The more you want it? And then one day, you get it, and it's so good to you We got the straight dropping, everybody know Where the money at, tell me where to go. And I had a dream About my old school And she was there all pink and gold and glittery I threw my arms around her legs (This the intro!) Came to me, came to me Welcome in your dream Turn a rich nigga nightmare Check, Montana, cheese, flip, drink ten Montana! There they go Can't fuck with us man We the hottest in the game, how I feel You ain't fuckin with my team's how I feel You tell your. French Montana chronology; Black Friday: The Mac & Cheese 2 Appetizer (2009) Mac & Cheese 2 (2010) Coke Boys (2010) Mac & Cheese 2 is the eleventh mixtape by Moroccan rapper French Montana, and the second installment to his "Mac & Cheese" series.

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