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    Doumeki watanuki doujinshi scans s

    Oct 19, 2020 · The current Doumeki at the end (first name unknown) is in possession of the egg, which is implied to have been passed down within the family, because Doumeki Shizuka's decision was to have the Doumeki family use the egg to make Watanuki forget about Yuuko when Watanuki wants to and is ready to forget about her. Utilizing Yūko's shop, Watanuki gives Domeki half of his eye after he loses his right eye's vision to the spirits, which allows Dōmeki to see and experience what Watanuki goes through. [13] [14] He also gives Watanuki a large amount of his blood, which, according to Yūko, causes their personalities to change. xxxホリック 戻 chapter 07 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: After Customer 1’s visit is done, Yuuko-san, Watanuki, and Doumeki discuss the situation. Watanuki can’t believe the two women called each other “close friends”. Yuuko-san points out that the two women were very similar, so they probably were friends, but when the other wasn’t around, the former wouldRead the full article!

    Doumeki watanuki doujinshi scans s

    doumeki watanuki doujinshi scans s


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